How Cold Weather Affects Your Water Heater


When it’s cold outside, the temperature underground is also low. The temperature drop affects your plumbing pipes directly. The cold temperature cools the water that enters your water heater, which makes your heater work harder and longer to provide you with the hot water supply you need.

When your faucet’s water isn’t as hot as it should be, many homeowners believe that the water heater might directly cause the problem, but cooler fixtures could cause it.

Many other reasons can cause your heater to work harder during winter; some include:

  • Your water heater is installed in an unconditioned, cold area of your home (most likely your garage or closet)
  • The water delivered to your water heater during winter is much colder than usual due to lower temperatures outside
  • Your household’s hot water demands increase during colder months

When your water heater struggles to meet your hot water demands, your unit experiences a lot of wear and tear. This procedure puts a lot of strain on your water heater, which often leads to various problems with your system. Problems include costly repair and sometimes premature system failure.

Another common sign your water heater is struggling is a spike in your water and energy bills. The rising costs result from your water heater using more energy to heat your water with the increasing demands of the hot water supply.


Proper maintenance is the best solution to preventing any damage to your equipment. Your technician will look for any signs of wear and fix what is broken. Freeze-protection solenoid valves can help prevent your water heater from freezing by opening and releasing water in case of an outage. Ensure you also drain your water heater at least once a year if you reside in areas with hard water. Another good maintenance tip is to add insulation to your water heater and pipes!


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