How You Have Been Looking After Your Bathroom The Wrong Way


Bathroom maintenance is important not only to avoid expensive repairs but let’s be honest, when plumbing problems arise, they can smell. Nobody wants to get back home from work and have their home smelling like a sewage drain, so regular maintenance helps avoid such a nightmare., While Toilet care is essential, we often see homeowners make this common mistake that is doing more harm than good!


We must stress that most clogs you will face in your daily life do not need drain cleaner! We will not say drain cleaners can’t work to get rid of a clog, but they are not helping your pipes. Think of using a drain cleaner for a small clog like using a shotgun to get rid of a fly. Sure it can work, but the damage in the aftermath makes you reevaluate your choices.

Drain cleaner should not be your go-to drain solution because of the chemicals corroding your pipes. Drain cleaners over prolonged use can eat away at your pipes, leading to even more clogs, leaks, and eventually needing total replacement, which means extensive repairs.


Not all plungers are built the same, and make sure you are using the right plunger for the job! Sometimes we see homeowners use a sink plunger for their toilet clogs and get nowhere. When dealing with clogs, you need the right tool, and using the wrong plunger for a drain can lead to improper suction that helps rid clogs.

When shopping for a plunger, ensure you know exactly the plunger you’re getting is getting the job done. Sink plungers typically have no flange, and toilet plungers have a flange, which is that extra bit of rubber that sticks out at the bottom to create an air-tight seal!


While you can flush toilet paper down your toilet, please don’t abuse the flush! Remember, at the end of the day, your toilet is a toilet, not a trash can. Toilet paper can break down in your pipes over time, but flushing too much paper at once can quickly create clogs that can become a hassle to unclog.

Likewise, never flush down baby wipes or so-called “flushable wipes.” Despite looking flushable, these wipes are anything but and typically are the culprit for some deep clogs in the home. Drain clogs can cause serious damage to your pipes if you’re not careful, so be mindful of your flushes.


While not necessarily a plumbing tip, it is bathroom-related, leaving your toilet lid up when you flush. You want to close your toilet lid when you flush because flushing releases whatever is in your bowl in the air. Think about it, do you want particles of whatever is in your toilet floating all over your bathroom? You brush your teeth there, so we’ll let you connect the dots.

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