Sewage Line Repair / Replacement

What is Sewage Line Repair / Replacement?
One issue which homeowners face today is having their plumbing in working order.
The most common causes for repair or replacement are root infested, disintegrated or damaged sewage lines.

This could be due to heavy blockage, old age, or at the worse end of the spectrum, tree roots. In order to prevent the cost from skyrocketing, one should practice good habits when it comes to flushing waste down the drain. This includes limiting how much toilet paper we use, or even which objects we flush. A good rule to remember is keeping your carbon footprint minimal. Yet despite good intentions, there are some instances where things can be completely out of your hands. Instances such as bursting pipes due to stress, or even older pipes that eventually need to be replaced can occur. For this, our Ninja Plumber technicians are trained and ready to assist. Letting things build up will eventually lead to a staggering repair bill. Just like an automobile, regular maintenance needs to be done in order to keep it running. Let us be your trusted neighborhood plumbers, and we know that comes with the initial meeting. Here at Ninja Plumber, we strive to be your one stop shop for everything plumbing. This includes attending to the problem at hand, so you know, when we show up, S#!T’s ABOUT TO GO DOWN!

How does the process start?
We send our Ninja Plumber out to do a standard inspection, depending on the state of your current plumbing system, he’ll be able to get a better idea on what can -or needs to be- done. This is the most critical part of the inspection, as we use state of the art equipment to determine the best course of action to take. Some questions you should be asking are:
-Would an entire replacement be necessary?
-How much is this going to cost me in the long run?
-Is it worth it to temporarily remedy the issue and incur a problem later?

We want to take the worry out of the equation, and just get down to brass tacks. If there is a problem, we want to be the solution. If there is a question, we want to be the answer. In most cases, if a replacement is needed, know that you are in excellent hands. Not only are we quick, precise and clean; we’re also committed to giving you a lifetime warranty on all installations. We understand the need to save money, so our goal isn’t to drive the costs up. That’s why we want to work with all our clients and agree to the solution that works for you, and your situation. At Ninja Plumber we believe that your 100% satisfaction is top priority, period.

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