What is Hydro-Jetting?

What is Hydro-Jetting?
Hydro-jetting is a method used to clear out clogged or sluggish drain/sewer lines using a high pressured blast of water up to 4000 psi. Any blockage can be easily washed away. This includes silt, sand, and scale build up; though in some instances the method can be used to clear out tree roots.
Hydro-jetting is primarily used in commercial buildings, however many homeowners have found the service beneficial, as it keeps pipes in working order and helps save in cost if you frequently have your pipes snaked.

How does the process work?
Our Ninja Plumber professionals begin a standard video inspection to see what the primary cause and location of the problem is. For some pipes that are broken or heavily clogged, hydro-jetting might not be the immediate solution. Larger, or heavier blockages need to be snaked first in order for hydro-jetting to be effective.
It is extremely important to consider the state of your drain/sewer lines, as the cost will go up the longer the problem persists.
The importance of getting a camera service is to locate the source of the issue. The most critical instance is when tree roots are found. The entire system could be compromised and may have to be replaced. Of course, this would be the extreme scenario. If the roots are minimal, hydro-jetting might be the solution to cut the roots, saving you a large sum and several headaches down the road.

What are the benefits?
While snaking helps to clear blockages and heavier elements from drain/sewer lines, hydro-jetting cleans the lines from build-up that snaking leaves behind.
This process is highly effective and is environmentally friendly, eliminating the need for the use of harsh or toxic chemicals. As mentioned earlier, hydro-jetting is most commonly used in commercial buildings, such as restaurants who often have to clean out pipes which have grease and oil build-up. Used in residential housing, the process becomes uniquely beneficial.
One important factor to consider is the cost it could potentially be, if the sewage lines are older, or if it’s been a long while since they have been serviced. It’s often agreed that a problem resolved now is better than later.

Hydro-jetting has its many benefits, but it is not an end-all solution. It cannot be used to fix broken pipes, and in some cases the process can weaken areas of established lines that have breaks or cracks in the pipe. Other methods can cost a substantial amount of investment, so considering the options before you decide on the service is also beneficial to the budget.

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