why choose us

Serving customers across
Los Angeles and Ventura County


Full-Service Plumbing

Ninja Plumber offers comprehensive
plumbing services, covering a wide range of
needs from routine maintenance to complex
repairs and replacements.


Commitment to Quality

Ninja Plumber is committed to delivering
top-quality service to its customers,
ensuring that every job is completed to the
highest standards of excellence.



With experience in all types of plumbing
services, Ninja Plumber’s team has the
expertise to tackle any plumbing issue
effectively and efficiently.

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Customer Service

Ninja Plumber prioritizes customer
satisfaction and aims to provide exceptional
service experiences to all clients.

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Honesty and Professionalism

Ninja Plumber’s team is known for its
honesty, professionalism, and integrity in
dealing with customers and their plumbing



With a focus on affordability, Ninja Plumber
offers competitive pricing without
compromising on the quality of service

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Ninja Plumber values punctuality and
reliability, ensuring that appointments are
kept and jobs are completed in a timely


24/7 Availability

Ninja Plumber understands that plumbing
emergencies can occur at any time, which is
why they offer round-the-clock availability to
address urgent plumbing issues promptly.



Whether it’s routine drain cleaning, water
heater repair, or complete sewer
replacement, we handle a variety of tasks,
catering to diverse needs and situations.

Our Process
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    Diagnosis and Explanation

    • Upon receiving a customer's call, Ninja Plumber will schedule a technician to assess the plumbing issue.
    • The technician thoroughly diagnoses the problem and communicates transparently with the customer, explaining the nature and severity of the issue.
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    Presentation of Repair Options

    • Ninja Plumber offers the customer at least two repair options, considering factors such as effectiveness and affordability.
    • Each option is clearly outlined, detailing the required repairs, estimated costs, and potential outcomes.
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    Education and Prevention Tips

    • In addition to repair options, Ninja Plumber provides the customer with simple yet effective tips to prevent similar plumbing challenges in the future.
    • Customers are educated about common causes of plumbing issues and advised on proactive measures to maintain their plumbing system's health.
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    Cost-Effective Resolution

    • Ninja Plumber guarantees to offer the customer solutions that are both cost-effective and efficient in resolving the plumbing problem.
    • The customer selects the preferred repair option based on their needs and budge