Ninja Plumber has been around since 2013 and has continuously been changing, adding, enhancing, performing, outperforming and proving to the community that we are here to set a new trend for the plumbing industry.

Since 2013 we have provided exceptional quality of work, customer service and the ease of dealing with a plumber that you trust to come back to your home anytime you have a plumbing issue. We strive to support our community through our donated time and work provided to Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission who is responsible for getting the homeless out of the street and into safe housing. Our assistance with building new schools such as iLead Charter Schools has provided parents another alternative to sending their children to a charter school rather than an overly-populated public school that they may not have really wanted to send their kid(s) to. We have become a big role player in our Chambers of Commerce in ShermanOaks, Encino, Chatsworth, Porter Ranch, Studio City, Granada Hills, North Hollywood and continuing to expand to reach out and let people know we are here to save them from getting taken advantage of by some of those companies who lack in values and morals.

Thanks to our creative and innovative marketing we have been able to grasp peoples’ attention and put smiles on faces with our funny role-of-toilet-paper business cards as well as our company motto- “S#!T’s ABOUT TO GO DOWN”. It’s not often that you see a client smiling when they have a plumber over at their house. No matter how big or small the job; whether it’s a leaking faucet, leaking angle stops or supply lines, backed up drain lines, overflowing toilet, tub or shower, bad garbage disposal, a leaking water heater, sewer line repair, sewer cleaning or an entire sewer line replacement, we are always able to leave the client smiling and thankful that they picked our company as we always kept things simple, easy and as positive as possible.

Today Ninja Plumber is more-so in full effect as we just launched our new website! Why? To make things easier and more pleasant for our clients and our community. Now you can sign up and keep updated with news. Now you have the ease of requesting quotes and asking questions and getting a quick response.Now you have access to savings. More importantly, this new site has a plethora of good information that you can utilize to enhance your knowledge on basic plumbing needs, tips and options. We are going to be posting videos both informative and fun to keep you engaged. Thanks to our partners at Binary Fabric, we are now able to provide you with everything you need on 1 website.And guess what, if there’s anything you want to add……. let us know since it’s no tour site, it’s YOUR site!

Have fun looking around and we shall talk soon!