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Repiping in Burbank, CA

Repiping definitely isn’t the type of plumbing job any homeowner wants to think about. Yet if you do need to repipe your Burbank house, Ninja Plumber knows how to get the job done with surprising stealth. We use long-lasting piping materials that can practically return your plumbing system to the same condition it was in when you bought your property.

Remember, we offer financing options, so you don’t ever feel overwhelmed by the cost of our services. And our plumbers in Burbank are known for being honest and upfront, so you can count on us to tell you the truth about whether it is more cost-efficient to repair your pipes or just replace them altogether.

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Reasons to call Ninja Plumber for repiping include:

Your water temperature is constantly fluctuating

Your water has a red or brownish color

You are experiencing low/or poor water pressure

Your fixtures frequently leak

There are strange banging noises coming from your pipes

There are nasty odors coming from your water

There is visible corrosion and rust on your pipes

Water Heater

If you’ve had your fill of cold showers, make
sure to call Ninja Plumber. We offer water
heater services in Burbank designed to
accommodate every homeowner’s needs.
Our experienced water heater techs offer
repairs, replacements, and maintenance for
standard and tankless water heaters.

By calling Ninja Plumber to flush the
sediment out of your water heater tank
annually, you may be able to keep your
system running for years to come.

We also know how to provide thorough inspections of your unit for leaks and corrosion, and with 24/7 emergency service available upon request, there’s never a bad time to call the Ninjas to take care of your water heater!

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