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We are equipped with advanced plumbing techniques, like hydro-jetting, to tackle even the toughest of clogs.

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Why Do My
Drains Keep

A clogged drain here or there probably isn’t a big deal, but if you’re experiencing frequent drain backups, that’s a sign that you could have a larger plumbing problem. Drains that constantly clog are often a symptom of a clog deep within your sewer pipes. These clogs could be caused by the intrusion of tree roots into the pipe, a buildup of gunk or debris, or a damaged section of pipe that impedes the flow of wastewater away from your home.

Finding the source of the issue is simple with a camera inspection; your plumber can snake a special camera down into your plumbing system to pinpoint the problem and get to work on the right solution. Once the obstruction is cleared and/or your pipe is repaired, frequent drain clogs should be a thing of the past!

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Even with proper precautions, you’re bound to run into a clogged drain
every now and again. When that happens, contact Ninja Plumber for fast
and reliable drain cleaning in Van Nuys, Thousand Oaks, and Ventura
County. While it is possible to address some minor drain clogs on your
own, we don’t recommend a DIY approach for moderate to major clogs,
and you should always avoid using caustic, store-bought drain cleaners,
as these can cause more harm than good.

What are the common causes of clogged drains?

Find out what causes clogged drains so you can easily identify something you should no longer flush and avoid creating blockages moving forward. Some of the most common causes of drain clogs include:

Hair becoming trapped in drains

Soap scum and grime buildup

Foreign objects and debris going into drains

Food waste getting stuck in drains

Excessive toilet paper use

Tree roots growing into pipes underground

Mineral buildup in pipes

Flushing of unsuitable items (feminine hygiene products, paper towels, etc.)

How do I prevent
clogged drains?

Clogged drains are not totally unavoidable—at
some point, they’re bound to happen. That
being said, there are certain measures you can
take to prevent drain clogs and save yourself
the headache of having to deal with a backed-
up sink, toilet, shower, or tub.

To help prevent drain clogs, you can:

  • Install strainers/traps over drains to catch hair, foreign objects, and other debris
  • Never flush anything but toilet paper and waste down toilets, and limit toilet paper usage
  • Keep toilet lids closed to prevent small objects from falling in
  • Use a garbage disposal to chop up approved food items; put all other food waste in the trash
  • Consider having a water softener installed to reduce “hard” water buildup
  • Never wash anything down drains that shouldn’t go down