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Ninja Plumber: Services So Good, You’Ll Never See Them Coming

If you are looking for an Encino plumber that customers call when they need the best, you’ve come to the right place.

Ninja Plumber has been offering a full range of professional plumbing services in the San Fernando Valley and the greater Los Angeles area since 2013. Our team is highly trained to take care of plumbing problems big and small. From major drain clogs to tiny leaks, we treat every service call as our main priority, and promise to be professional and courteous throughout the entire process. Our goal is to be your go-to plumbing company, which is why we offer financing options to fit every budget.

We also provide free second opinions, in addition to in-person consultations and estimates, so there’s never a bad reason to call our Encino plumbing pros.

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What is considered a
plumbing emergency?

Don’t let your plumbing problems get any
worse than they already are. Contact an Encino
plumber to avoid expensive damages and find
a fast solution to any of the issues you might
be experiencing.

Request 24-hour emergency plumbing service if you are:

  • Facing a flood risk – Act quickly to help prevent costly water damage due to a burst pipe, failed sump pump, sewage backup, or faulty shut off valve.
  • Dealing with sewage backup – Eliminate the health and safety hazards that occur when waste sits at the backup point of a sewer line.
  • Without running water – Contact an Encino Plumber so you can return to using the facilities, as well as cook and clean — all of which is essential for a safe and healthy environment.
  • Noticing a frozen pipe – Stop a frozen pipe or spigot from expanding, cracking, and causing flooding and therefore a lack of water once it thaws.
Is it clear you're dealing with a plumbing emergency? Rely on our Encino plumbers to quickly identify and fix the problem. Contact us today!